➤ (9/4/2023) Welcome to my Awesome Blog Page

I'm just writing this just to have something for my blog page!

9/4/2023 - 5:00 PM

Helloooo, I hope you guys are having a good day! ^__^

I've been taking the time to learn how to code and messing around with HTML/CSS and a lil' bit of JavaScript! I was worried I wouldn't understand anything about coding, but it's actually pretty easy once you get the hang of things. I know it can get a bit intimidating at first but it's not so bad... Even a dumb person like me can do it.

It's been quite a while now since I started building this website and I'm really liking how it's coming out! It's not super crazy or anything, but there's something nice about being able to customize your own awesome website y'know?

Social media hasn't been looking too hot lately especially for Twitter, er, I mean X. Thankfully, using third-party extensions keeps me sane from leaving that stupid site at least. Still, I’m not sure how long I will stay there since most of my Twitter folks are moving to Bluesky which for the record, I’m not considering making one for reasons.

Anyways, as much I want to rant about social media, I would rather focus on getting this site done soon. I hope you guys enjoyed my first entry. It is a little short, but I just needed to write something for my blog. See you later!


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