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A kind-hearted wizard enchanted by the beautiful night sky, he soars above the clouds to converse with the moon and stars. His brother Clyde scolds him for staying out late tho.

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An alchemist who brews potions with his small and wise mouse assistant, Munchie. Clyde's a bit of a klutz, but with Munchie by his side, a potion brewed with tender care, just a sip can turn your heart into gold.


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A stoic merchant who wanders far and wide to trade in their wares for rubies. Don't bother trying to crack jokes they say, their smile has never been shown... Or maybe your jokes fall flat...

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Beyond the sky, it's been said there's a fountain that has the power to grant wishes, whether they were simple desires or life-altering. A witch watches this fountain and guards the secrets the heavens keep.



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