layton (3/2/2024) Game Diary Entry #1

Finally, I'm playing a Professor Layton game...


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Last year, a Nintendo Direct teased a new Layton game on the Nintendo Switch. I was really happy for Layton’s return after his long break! I thought it would be the perfect time to finally play my first Professor Layton game to celebrate its new upcoming title.

Before I talk about Curious Village, I probably won’t go through every detail because I’m lazy. I thought having a personal game diary would be a fun way to talk about games and give me an excuse to draw fanart if I really liked it.

The game starts with you entering your name. The letter detection when writing with my stylus can be a bit weird. I got used to it pretty quickly, at least. After you enter your name, you read a letter you received from Luke.

I know this is a minor thing, but I love when games ask you to enter your name and they try to make you somewhat relevant in the game. Having Luke write you letters about his adventures is really cute!!


To briefly give an overview of the story, Professor Hershel Layton and his self-proclaimed young apprentice, Luke Triton, received an invitation from Lady Dahila, Baron's second wife, to come to St. Mystere to investigate Baron Augustus Reinhold's mystery of the Golden Apple. Baron stated in his last will that whoever solves his Golden Apple riddle will inherit his fortune.

When Layton and Luke arrived in town, they realized the strange townsfolk were obsessed with puzzles. Even the map Lady Dahlia sent was a puzzle. Layton is no stranger to puzzles of course. He is a gentleman who has a passion for solving any kind of puzzle.

The story seems pretty simple; though, the more I kept progressing, it got to the point where the story got pretty silly. Honestly? I'm all down for the sheer absurdity in Professor Layton games. The Ferris wheel cutscene convinced me enough.

I love the characters and music in this game! I'm playing the NDS version, so watching the crunched-up animated cutscenes is really funny but still enjoyable to watch.

Finally, I want to talk about the puzzles in this game. This page is getting long, so I'll continue on the next page.


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